designIT® SITE APP

Applications for Builders, Specifiers & Building Consent Authorities

The designIT® sITe App is a cut-down version of our own designIT software and serves as a handy reference tool and calculator for specifiers or tradesmen who choose to use Futurebuild® LVL products.



How to get the designIT sITe App on your phone:
The App can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play: click on the links in the right hand panel, or search the keyword "designIT sITe". 



  • Access Futurebuild® LVL installation details
  • Specify service holes in hyJOIST®
  • Detail common rafter overhangs in hyJOIST and our solid range of LVL products
  • Check or re-design bearers, joists and rafters as hyJOIST or our solid range of LVL products
  • Save all results to devices

What's New & Version History

Design Screens
The designIT® sITe App now allows users to specify deck joists as well as floor joists, bearers, rafters and lintels.

Share Projects Among Devices Using Cloud Software
This version creates fully compatible project files that can be opened on other mobile devices, Windows and Mac computers.

By installing cloud apps on your phone, it is now a simple task to create a project on one device and have it immediately available on others. To take advantage of cloud storage, install the cloud service of your choice and it will become available in designIT site.

Floor Joist & Hole Calculator
Similar to the Windows PC version, designIT site provides the capability to design more complex joist scenarios, allowing for multiple spans, overhangs, varying loading scenarios and the specification of holes in both hyJOIST® and solid LVL joists (such as hySPAN®).

View Literature
Dynamically view literature, or download it permanently to your device (allowing you to access it without mobile data).

Installation Details 
'Pinch and zoom' now enabled to view installation details. 


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Available on Apple and Android™ Operating Systems.

Available on Apple and Android™ Operating Systems.