The range of Futurebuild® LVL software enables Designers and Engineers, even those unfamiliar with the specifics of timber to produce high quality and reliable specifications using engineered wood products.

Residential Building Software

CHH FutureBuild DesignIT BrandProduct Houses Tile RGB

designIT® for Houses is a software tool for all building practitioners for designing with the Futurebuild® LVL range of engineered wood products and other selected materials, for houses and similar structures.

Quick and simple to use, yet deceptively powerful software, designIT for Houses enables a wide range of applications to be considered, including the selection of beam sizes, floor layouts, wind and other loads without the need for exercise of professional engineering judgment.

CHH FutureBuild DesignIT BrandProduct Houses SiteApp Tile RGB designIT sITe App is a cut down mobile-friendly version of our designIT software and serves as a handy reference tool and calculator for specifiers or tradesmen using Futurebuild LVL products.

Non-Residential Building Software

CHH FutureBuild DesignIT BrandProduct CommercialFloors Tile RGB designIT Commercial Floors gives building industry professionals a tool for designing commercial, industrial and other heavily loaded floors with the Futurebuild LVL range of engineered wood products and other selected materials.
CHH FutureBuild SlabIT BrandProduct SiteApp Tile RGB slabIT Site App is for the design of Futurebuild LVL range of formwork products for forming slab soffits.


CHH FutureBuild ComputeIT BrandTile RGB computeIT® aids in the specification of engineered wood products as heavy structural members in both residential and non-residential systems. computeIT has been developed by experienced timber design engineers to allow the transfer of both traditional and emerging technology to those unfamiliar with timber design. The software allows engineers to respond to clients’ needs whilst providing practical, cost-effective design options.

Software packages within the computeIT suite include:

CHH FutureBuild ComputeIT BrandProduct Beams Tile RGB computeIT for Beams is an all-purpose beam analysis package that enables engineers to develop design solutions for a range of engineered wood products.
CHH FutureBuild ComputeIT BrandProduct ToolKit Tile RGB computeIT ToolKIT is a series of design tools allowing quick and easy design of beams, columns, rigid moment connections, purlins and girts.